Sheer Wrap Purple Love by VIDA VIDA OOXHoh06Kj

Sheer Wrap - Purple Love by VIDA VIDA OOXHoh06Kj
Sheer Wrap - Purple Love by VIDA VIDA
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January 12, 2014
By Christie Barakat
January 12, 2014

Emotional branding refers to the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a consumer’s ego, emotional state, needs and aspirations. The purpose of emotional branding is to create a bond between the consumer and the product by provoking the consumer’s emotion.

Human needs such as love, power, emotional security and ego-gratification, which are subconsciously emotion-based, serve as a foundation for emotional branding and allow marketers to create a self-fulfilling prophesy when it comes to consumer needs. People want to fulfill needs, and advertisers promote the need to fulfill them in a perpetual cycle.

While traditional consumer decision-making models are grounded in the theory of rational choices and are largely cognitive and sequential in nature. Emotional branding is irrational. Simply playing somber music against images of people struggling without a particular product can trigger an irrational connection by playing on a consumer’s sadness.

Sometimes a product is associated with a product in a literal sense (“Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet”). More often, methods are used with the intention of creating an emotional reaction to the ad, product, or in the case of viral publishers, information.

With time and repetition, brands can establish a lasting connection in the minds and hearts of consumers. In order for humans to create a relationship between themselves and a brand, the brand needs to portray a particular personality with specific values and symbols attached to it.

Often stories use archetype emotions that tap into universal feelings. Nike’s hero archetype, for example, has inspired fervent customer loyalty throughout the world. The hero starts from humble beginnings, challenges a terrifying foe, and against all odds, prevails.

But Nike takes the emotional marketing story of the hero and turns it inward. “You are the hero, and your lazy side is the villain. They know that while some people may identify with an external foe, allpeople identify with an internal one,” emotional marketing consultant, Graeme Newell.

“Timberland has created a lifestyle around their brand, one of strength, perseverance and individual power. “[Timberland] make sure it is guy alone in the wilderness, testing his mettle against the elements. They create a sense of a lone warrior archetype.”

Critics of emotional branding point to the ethical implications of manipulating human emotion, its use of propaganda and a growing “sameness” of products as marketers desperately try to distinguish their brand from others amongst the clutter–the enormous amount of ads consumers are exposed to each day.

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Script analysis company says computers can be more successful than humans in greenlighting projects


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CREDIT: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock

According to the founder of artificial intelligence outfit ScriptBook , Sony Pictures could have saved a fortune from 2015 to 2017 by using the company’s algorithms instead of human beings to reject or greenlight movies.

In a presentation at the Karlovy Vary Intl. Film Festival, ScriptBook founder Nadira Azermai said that by analyzing screenplays, ScriptBook retroactively identified as box-office failures 22 out of the 32 Sony movies that lost money in that period, during which Sony released a total of 62 movies.

“If Sony had used our system they could have eliminated 22 movies that failed financially,” said Azermai.

Welcome to the brave new world of AI and machine learning as it applies to Hollywood.

Many see in ScriptBook and similar AI systems the potential to destroy a major part of the film production and distribution ecosystem, displacing script readers and saving much of the money studios spend on test screenings, focus groups and market research.

At its most basic, ScriptBook, founded in 2015 and based in Antwerp, Belgium, has created a tool that analyzes the text of screenplays to produce financial forecasting, or as Azermai grandly puts it, “Our mission is to revolutionize the business of storytelling by using AI to help producers, distributors, sales agents and financiers assess their risk.”

The cloud-based system is already in use. In 2016 ScriptBook raised $1.4 million in venture capital to accelerate development.

The system works like this: ScriptBook users upload a PDF file of a screenplay into the system. About five minutes later they receive a detailed analysis of the project that, among other things: predicts the MPAA rating, analyzes its characters, detecting the protagonists and antagonists; assesses the emotions of each character; predicts the target audience, including gender and race; and, most importantly, makes box office predictions.

“When we show this to customers, the first question is: How is it even possible to give a script to a computer and somehow it can come up with all these outputs?” said Michiel Ruelens, data scientist at Scriptbook.

The answer, he says, is based on the fast-developing field of machine learning, whereby the software is first instructed by humans, then takes over the learning process and builds huge databases that can be mined at astonishing speed.

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