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In general, the bigger a company gets, the more pressure it will have to seek out economies of scale — essentially, “industrialization”. Unfortunately, when that hits the Personnel department, that leaves them looking for Standard Model Workers: Making a list of easily-testable features for new hires, and ignoring anyone who doesn’t pass the checklist.

Any company which does this may gain something in predictability. but they completely lose out on the diversity of talents which is the true power of humanity.

Philip Topham (@philiptopham) , on ACCESSORIES Hats Dsquared2 K8p5ic1

Wonderful. Makes me think. Makes me ask all sorts of questions. If signaling is what’s on this side of the coin if we flip it over whats on the other side of the coin? Is the in ability to signal just a polite way of saying prejudice? When we measure a persons inability to get a job is it “really and truly” their inability to signal? or is it really just companies focus on specific things (as in your Google poor grades example) and don’t realize that hiring based “filtering out candidates” will filter out good people. I can’t tell you how many companies [more precisely the practices of a company’s hiring mangers] that screen people based on the “name brands” of their prior companies. Further I’ve seen a huge increase in age-ism (discrimination based on age..above 50, 60 etc..), is that because older people worked for “brick and mortar” mortar companies. And today’s companies only expect “internet brands”?

Maxx from Snoopy Alien , on April 19, 2018 at 4:16 am said:

I also believe that education tests do not measure the skills. For you can learn some stuff and get good grades. But you cannot tranfer them into the practice unless you test it.

Lilia Tovbin , on April 19, 2018 at 6:27 am said:

Great topic for discussion and your insights are always appreciated Steve! My first reaction was – I gotta tweet this: “asymmetric information about ability leads existing companies to employ only “lemons,” relatively unproductive workers. The talented and more productive choose entrepreneurship.” but then I realized that would insult many people I respect and admire…

Lets admit – there are plenty of lemons amongst entrepreneurs as well, which doesn’t help the stats and analysis. And surely there are cherries in corporate world (see below why I think that is).

I think a big reason why entrepreneurs (who are truly cherries) choose their own path outside corporate world is a combination of: a) It’s not that companies can’t evaluate their worth correctly, there is no means for companies to adjust pay to be adequate to talent. This is VERY obvious for programmers/engineers – a rock start can outperform their peers with x3-10 output, but at most they only get paid 50-100% more – this is why many technologists choose to join startups. b) Tolerance for risk (many other commenters touched on this too). Many very smart people I admire and just know could do very well as entrepreneurs choose to have FT jobs because of low risk tolerance. They have families, don’t have support networks (e.g. local family to help with kids) and so the risk tolerance is not aligned with potential and aspirations. I can’t wait to grow my next venture big enough to be able to hire these people and unlock their true worth.

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Stacey Ballis
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The mighty avocado shows no sign of slowing its roll as the leading toast topper amongst cool people. There are over 800,000 entries on the #avocadotoast hashtag on Instagram and counting, and we the food media continue to cover it with no slowing in enthusiasm. As food fads go, it isn’t a bad one. A slice of decent bread covered in mashed avocado is a healthy and delicious breakfast, or the start of a well-rounded lunch or light supper.

But if there’s one problem with avocado toast, it’s this: There are a lot of people who don’t actually like avocados.

Avocados are one of those foods that devotees can’t comprehend when others don’t share their love. Much like chocolate, there’s a presumption of favor that’s met with shock when someone outs themselves as anti-avocado. But while the fruit is—for most—a buttery, smooth, unctuous vegetal celebration of all that’s right in the world, for a select group it’s a bland oily smush that coats the teeth and doesn’t taste of much. Such is the way of the world. But the current reign of avocado as the toast topper of choice means that other exciting options are not being celebrated as they ought. It’s a shame, because there are some alternate vegetable-based ways to anoint your morning slice that are as satisfying as, some might argue even better, than avocados.

Case in point? Artichoke spread. This punchy schmear is no less healthy than avocado. Artichokes are low in calories and high in fiber, and are packed with vitamins and minerals to boot. Extra virgin olive oil brings the healthy fat to the party, while lemon and capers punch up the flavor. Artichoke spread takes very little effort to pull together and can be made in large batches and kept in the fridge for easy quick meals. And what’s better, it’s made with pantry ingredients that you can keep around for when you get a craving.

Spread it on your toast plain, or amp it up with slices of prosciutto or dollops of ricotta or crumbles of goat cheese. Sprinkle parmesan over the top and run it under the broiler, or scatter toasted pine nuts on for some crunch. Top it with any kind of egg, poached, soft scrambled, or sliced hard boiled. Use it instead of mayo or mustard on your next sandwich.

And if you really want to overdose from coolness, try artichoke toast with a few slices of avocado.

Artichoke Toast Topping

Serves 2-4

In the bowl of your food processor fixed with the chopping blade, pulse the artichoke hearts until they are broken down into small chunks, about six pulses. Add in the lemon juice, zest, capers and pulse twice more. Add 1/3 cup of the olive oil and pulse three more times. You are looking for a chunky paste that is cohesive and spreadable, but still has some texture. If the paste looks dry, add more oil a tablespoon at a time until you get the consistency you want. Stir in the pepper flakes, if using, then taste and adjust salt if needed—this will depend on how salty your artichokes and capers are to begin with.

For example, you can use a headline that people can’t help but agree with:

You can’t help but agree with Single Grain’s headline.

Depending on your audience, these statements will be met with agreement. The cerebellum anticipation meets the cerebrum confirmation (told you we were going to get science-y). Together, the two form a strong mental preparedness for an overall positive experience. This sets the stage for increased conversions.

Drive positive anticipation by creating copy that makes people agree with you.

Cashmere Silk Scarf VanGogh by VIDA VIDA uXyAjQ

Second, you should create an environment on your landing page that improves the expectation of happiness. Using the psychology of color, choose color schemes that are associated with positive feelings and happiness.

Second, you should create an environment on your landing page that improves the expectation of happiness.

Use fun pictures or pictures of people smiling . Each of these creates a sensation of happiness which prompts dopamine release, increases positive anticipation and makes the user more likely to respond positively when faced with the call to action.

Third, you should shape your call to action in a positive way.

A positive psychological setup results in a positive psychological outcome. The call to action, whether it’s a button or a form, should be presented in a positive light. Use works like “yes” on the button copy and strong, positive action words (like “get” ).

Positive button copy on the QuickSprout blog .

The psychological cards are stacked in our favor. We simply need to push the happiness button further and watch it trigger a conversion.

Here’s how anticipation works in a nutshell: The mind draws from past experiences to both predict and prepare for future events.

Psychological research indicates that this phenomenon, known as “perceptual anticipation,” is caused by several types of stimuli:

In short, past performance, future tasks and the comparison of the two form the landscape of perceptual anticipation that affects our behavior and response .

past performance, future tasks and the comparison of the two form the landscape of perceptual anticipation that affects our behavior and response

Here’s an example. If you have a car and know how to drive, then you’ve probably come to a stoplight many times. You know how far in advance to start breaking, how long a yellow light lasts and how to respond when the light turns green. Your hundreds of previous experiences at a stoplight determine how you respond to traffic signals.

What if you’re traveling somewhere new and you discover a traffic signal that is shaped differently? Maybe the light is positioned horizontally instead of vertically, or it is situated to the right of the road instead of directly above the road. Well, you still understand the basic signalling — green means go and red means stop.


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